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Why You Should Not Have Your Resume Reviewed

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Why You Should Not Have Your Resume Reviewed The 8 Basic Steps You Need to Nail in Your Job Search Part 1 Make A Fresh Start In The New Year Why You Should Not Have Your Resume Reviewed

I recently came across an online posting of someone seeking a resume review and numerous responses of others attempting to provide some guidance. One of the suggestions was to use an online resume review system from a resume writing business.

I know there are many individuals searching for a new job, pursuing a promotion, or even just passively open to a better position who would like their resume reviewed. For this reason, I would like to shed some light on this topic. A great number of online automatic resume reviews provide superficial reviews and focuses on whether you’ve included proper names, word count, and whether you omitted references.

You do not need a resume review to see this information. Moreover, you surely do not need a Resume Writer to fix them for you. A good resume review is one who compares your resume to your target position and specifically notes what is wrong with the resume and how to improve it. This type of review takes time, which is why people / businesses will not provide it, as they might as well take that time to start creating a new resume.

Instead, they use ‘resume critique’ software to provide some type of review and persuade the prospective customer to purchasing their services. Beware of low-end resume writing services. You might spend more money in the long run by trying to make a poor investment now. Buying cheap things is false economy. I think the best thing you can do is send your resume out to your target jobs and take note of how many interview calls it attracts.

If it does not attract many interviews, then that is a strong indicator of possibly needing a new resume instead of a resume review.You can also see some samples of professionally written resumes from high-end resume writers and compare those to your resume. See the difference in the content development and strategies used. This can be a good review you can engage in yourself.

After having a good branding resume and fully optimized LinkedIn profile, make a list of your top 30 target companies. Identify the key decision maker (the person you would report to) and send them a value proposition letter. Connect with people in your target companies. Network with them. Take any opportunity that will lead you to your target jobs. Connect with recruiters in your target industry. There are so many things you can do.

The new year is here. Grab the bull by the horns and be assertive in your career search. Properly brand yourself to attract and present yourself for your target career.

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