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Little Known Secrets To WOW Them On Your Next Job Interview

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Little Known Secrets To WOW Them On Your Next Job Interview

Just the thought of a pending job interview can bring on a case of nerves! But if you follow these 3 little-known secrets, you can turn a worrisome experience into a super-successful one.


Before the interview starts, ask yourself this important question. “Do I want this job? If so, what am I willing to do to get it?” It takes more than wishful thinking or hoping to land the position you want and feel qualified for. You must be able to convince the interviewer that you are the one for this job—not by being pushy or arrogant but by showing your intention through a warm, friendly, and professional manner. This includes paying attention to what is being said, referring to the company’s mission statement and how it matches your own objectives, and by seeing the hiring manager as a person, not just a means to a job. In short, be confident, yet caring too.


Enter the room prepared with engaging examples that illustrate your job skills and experience. Have several catalogued in your mind so that when the hiring manager asks you questions, you can refer immediately to a little story that shows rather than merely tells how you handled a situation. For example, mention the result you achieved when leading a sales meeting or establishing a budget for your department or handling a difficult client. A hiring manager will perk up when he or she hears that you are someone who makes things happen for a company in a positive way. And it always impresses when you can show how you made or saved money positively contributing to the company’s bottom line…after all, it always comes down to the bottom line. ?


It really is within your power to move to the top of the hiring manager’s list of job candidates. When you are prepared with true-life experiences, show interest in what’s going on around you, comment on something you notice in the office, or a detail shared in conversation, you will be inspiring. Few job seekers think about what it means to connect with the interviewer as a person because they are too focused on themselves—and the job they want.

Apply these 3 little-known job interview ‘secrets’ with passion and you will soon hear these 3 words. “WOW, you’re hired

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